Mini White Pumpkin Table Decor

Seasonal decor does not have to be expensive to create an impact in your home. We’ve had this wooden tray for years and it has served so many purposes–junk holder, candle holder, you name it.

This year, my plan was to turn it into beautiful table decor for my kitchen sideboard. And like my other crafts, I wanted something simple and easy to assemble, that still had those fall colors that I love. So I found some artificial berry and leaf bushes as well as  mini white pumpkins at Walmart. I brought them home and got busy.


Using wire cutters, I deconstructed the artificial leaves and berries so that they would be easier to place in the wooden tray.

First, I arranged the pumpkins in the tray. Once placed, I tucked the leaves and berries in between and underneath the pumpkins, until the colors and berries looked balanced.

After about 10 minutes, my centerpiece was done! Cheap, easy and cute. Those are the best kinds of decor! For more fall ideas, check out the Seasonal & Holiday page!

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