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Yesterday’s Thursday Night LIVE was about styling a table tray. Did you catch it? If not, Most every home has one–a table tray. It looked so cute and useful in the store, you’ve seen them in your friends’ homes and maybe even on Facebook and Pinterest. But if you’re like me, you probably brought it home and it became a catch-all.

Mail. Keys. Pens. Random odds and ends that didn’t have a home. We’ve all done it.

Here’s the thing though, and I learned this only recently. When we take the time to style things like table trays, they don’t end up being clutter holders. Which means when we look around our homes, we see more things that are pretty, and fewer things that cause visual clutter.

So how in the world do I style a table tray?

The quickest way is to buy one of these–a box of bowl fillers. They’re inexpensive, already coordinated, and the only thing you have to do is turn the box over and dump the contents into your tray. The end.


But if you’re looking to create something a little more unique or seasonal, check this out.

Decorative rocks and votives.

You can create a beautiful and tranquil centerpiece or side table decor by adding rocks and candles to your tray. I bought a container of decorative rocks, as well as these turquoise candleholders and flameless tealights in the candle aisle at Walmart. Just place the candles in the tray, spread the rocks around them, and your centerpiece is complete.



Seasonal fall tray.

I love having a house full of festive seasonal decor. In some rooms though, I don’t want anything over the top, just some subtle touches. A tray full of pumpkins is a perfect example. The little white pumpkins were .98 cents at Walmart. The fall spray was on sale for $4.99 (I want to say Factory Direct Craft but it may have been Hobby Lobby. Both are great places to find seasonal florals).




Then, I just cut the leaves and berries apart.



First, I arranged the pumpkins in the tray, and then I added the leaves and berries around them until it looked the way I wanted it to look. If you want to add more or less floral, do it! You’ll know when it’s just the right amount.

seasonal-fall wooden-tray-decor

Total cost–about $10. And the best part? You can create a fresh look again. This is a fun, easy and inexpensive project that you’ll definitely be seeing on here again for Christmas. Do you have a table tray? How do you want to style it?


2 thoughts on “How to Style a Table Tray

  • So simple but so impressive! The possibilities are endless for EVERY season/holiday. I love that it’s not a “permanent” table dec that requires years of repeat use of the same thing to get your money’s worth.
    You can have different, quick, and creative variations without spending a fortune, and without having to store all those variations. Love it!!

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