Dollar Tree Halloween Cutout Canvas

Dollar Tree Halloween Cutout Decor

I love it when a craft is cheap, easy and cute. Last week, I picked up 3 cute Halloween cutouts from Dollar Tree. I didn’t have a plan in my mind, but for $3, I knew I would come up with something.

Dollar Tree Halloween wood cutouts

There are so many possibilities with cutouts. Paint them and add them to wreaths, hang them on their own, or get inspired by things you see on a different shopping trip like I did. I found a canvas and some cute fabric and my idea came together! It’s so simple! (Scroll down to watch the tutorial video from Thursday Night LIVE.)

Here’s what you need:


11 x 14 canvas (Hobby Lobby)

1/2 yd. of fabric (Hobby Lobby)

Haunted House cutout (Dollar Tree)

Black craft paint

Paint brush


Glue gun and glue sticks



  1. Paint the haunted house cutout black and let dry.
  2. Cut your fabric to fit to the canvas. Keeping your pattern even and pulling the fabric tight, glue the edges of fabric to the back of the canvas.
  3. Attach the haunted house cutout to the fabric-covered canvas using your hot glue gun.
  4. Hang or stand your new Halloween decor. Take a look!

Dollar Tree Halloween Cutout Decor


You can see the full tutorial here:

Easy, right? This is a great project for kids too! For more fall and halloween ideas, check out the Seasonal and Holiday page. 

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