Decorating With Lanterns


Lanterns don’t get the respect they deserve as versatile decorating accessories. Lanterns make us think of Halloween, long nights and maybe even cold weather, sure, but Easter? Fourth of July? Not really.

Truth is, lanterns are perfect for any season and can hold more than just candles. Whether you go with basic black metal or something more decorative like the ones pictured below, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to candles, here are some filler ideas for spring:

  1. Artificial grass, plants, or flowers
  2. Floral vase fillers
  3. Pine cones
  4. Candles
  5. Potted artificial succulents
  6. Fruit vase fillers
  7. Figurines
  8. Framed photos
  9. Vintage books

What goes in the lantern depends on the size of the lantern. It’s a good idea to make sure that your filler is the right fit for your lantern (I talk more about this in the tutorial at the bottom).




Even old oil lanterns can be used for decorating.


You can be as simple or creative as you want. Last fall, I filled a plain black lantern with filler and faux berries that I found at Dollar Tree. The bow on top, also Dollar Tree!

Are the wheels turning for you? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so if you need just a little more guidance, check out the video tutorial below.