Mini Glitter Ball Christmas Tree

Glitter Ball Vase Filler Christmas Tree

Ever see cute Christmas decor in a store but it either doesn’t go with your style or it is overpriced for what it is? I do this all the time. So when I spotted an adorable foam cone tree decorated with glitter ball vase fillers, I couldn’t wait to take it home. But not for $25. The trick is figuring if it would be cheaper to make at home. In this case, it was totally cheaper to make it myself! Here’s all I needed:


Styrofoam craft cone ($3.47 Walmart)

1-1/2″ white ribbon ($1.97 Walmart)

Glitter ball vase filler ($3 Dollar tree–2 bags of white and silver and 1 bags of red and gold)

Snowflake Tree topper (already had–it came in a bag of vase fillers from Dollar Tree)

Mini bow (already had)

Glue gun and glue sticks (already had)

Total investment: $8.44


  1. Wrap the styrofoam cone with ribbon, attaching the ribbon to the cone with dots of hot glue or tacky glue.
  2. Once wrapped, begin gluing the glitter balls to the cone. You can create a pattern or do it randomly like I did. Start with the smaller balls toward the top, and gradually add the larger ones as you work your way down.
  3. Glue the snowflake to the top, followed by the mini bow.

Your Christmas tree is done! Wasn’t that easy? To watch the video tutorial, just click the play button below.

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