Jewel-Toned Fall Porch

There’s nothing more welcoming than a beautiful front porch, don’t you think? I love decorating my porch every season, but especially fall because of all the beautiful colors, Of all the porch decor I have done over the years, the jewel-toned fall porch is, hands down, my favorite.

A few unique details really made the decor come to life. First, the vintage suitcase of mums.

I found this little gem at an antique store for $10 and it was in pretty decent shape, so I didn’t want to ruin the interior. But I still thought mums would look gorgeous in it! So I left the mums in their pots and placed them in the suitcase. It was the perfect compromise and the mums held up well there.


Another piece of the porch that got a lot of attention was the tiered tray on the table, full of leaves and ceramic jewel-toned pumpkins I got at Hobby Lobby. That extra layer of color looked so gorgeous when we were walking up the front stairs. It was definitely a talking point for anyone who came to visit.

But the part that I liked the most is captured in this picture.

The Annie Sloan Florence painted rocking chair, the salvaged door that I scored for $15 at Anything Goes here in town. And how about all that beautiful fall foliage around the door? That was a chance I took on a company I had never used before–Factory Direct Craft. I LOVE them. The maple leaf garland was perfect and added so much color and texture to the porch. The outdoor rug that I got at Kohl’s added warmth to the space and made the porch a cozy and a place where we all wanted to hang out when the nights got cooler.

So what’s your favorite part? And more importantly, do you decorate your porch, patio or deck for fall? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!


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