{Katie’s} Crock Pot Louisville Chili

Did you know that Cincinnati isn’t the only place known for putting spaghetti in their chili? Louisvillians add spaghetti to theirs too! A couple of differences though–we don’t put cinnamon in our chili like what you would see from Skyline Chili, and we mix our noodles in with the chili. For a little extra heat, […]

{DIY} Navy Charger Plate Fall Decor

Navy blue is popping up everywhere as one of 2020’s trendiest decor colors. While I love decorating with jewel tones, especially rich teals, I can’t help but appreciate how bold and clean navy blue looks against traditional orange. Navy blue is popping up in stores like Kirkland’s, Home Goods, Ballard Designs and even Dollar General […]

Lace Stocking Pumpkin

This post contains an affiliate link. To read more about affiliate links or my disclosure statement, click here. I love mixing up my pumpkin decorations, especially when I come up with an idea that’s cheap, easy and cute. A lace stocking pumpkin is exactly what it sounds like. Simply cut out one leg of the […]

Crock Pot Apple and Brown Sugar Pork Chops

It might seem a little weird to have apples and pork chops together, but these two are actually a great pair. Add cinnamon and brown sugar and you get the perfect combo of sweet and savory. No need for extra water; the apples provide all the moisture the pork chops need to cook up perfectly […]

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