Lace Stocking Pumpkin

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I love mixing up my pumpkin decorations, especially when I come up with an idea that’s cheap, easy and cute. A lace stocking pumpkin is exactly what it sounds like. Simply cut out one leg of the stockings, stretch it around the pumpkin, stitch or glue it at the top, and add a bow or other decoration. Let me show you!


1 pair of lace stockings

1 artificial pumpkin

ribbon for a bow or premade bow

hot glue gun and glue

needle and thread



  1. Cut one leg of the stockings off. Save the rest for another project or discard the leftover stocking.
  2. Placing the foot of the stocking underneath the pumpkin, stretch it up over the pumpkin.


3. Cut the excess off of the top and either glue the edges around the stem to hold them in place, or use a needle and thread to sew the stocking closed around the stem.

4. Attach a bow with hot glue, and your pumpkin is finished! Check it out:


There you go, your lace stocking pumpkin is done! If you’re not a fan of orange pumpkins, no problem! Lace looks great on any color, including white, for a dramatic black and white Halloween theme. Wasn’t that easy? For more simple seasonal craft ideas, check out the Seasonal and Craft page!

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