{DIY} Navy Charger Plate Fall Decor

Navy blue is popping up everywhere as one of 2020’s trendiest decor colors. While I love decorating with jewel tones, especially rich teals, I can’t help but appreciate how bold and clean navy blue looks against traditional orange.

Navy blue is popping up in stores like Kirkland’s, Home Goods, Ballard Designs and even Dollar General and Walmart. So I decided it was time to join in with an easy burlap charger plate paint project. Here’s what I used:


Burlap charger plate

Sweater Weather wood sign

Orange burlap wired bow (deconstructed)

Grey and white wired bow (deconstructed)

Apple Barrel True Navy acrylic craft paint

Paint brush

Hot glue and glue gun



Visual Shopping Guide



Click here to watch the tutorial from Thursday Night Live.

  1. Paint the burlap charger with True Navy until it is evenly coated. Let the paint dry.
  2. Glue the Sweater Weather sign to the center of the charger.
  3. Take apart the pieces of the Dollar General bows until you have 3 pieces per bow. Discard the “tails” or the long pieces of the ribbons.
  4. Criss cross the ribbons, with the orange being in the back and the grey and white going in front. Use a piece of twine to tightly tie these pieces together. To see a tutorial on this method, click here. 
  5. Glue a thin piece of orange ribbon to the center of the bow to cover the twine.
  6. Glue the bow to the top of the charger plate.

That’s it! Your Navy Fall Charger Plate Decor is all done! For more great Fall craft ideas, check out the Fall and Halloween page.


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