Dresser to Media Center Upcycle

When someone is moving and lists a dresser with great bones online for $50, you JUMP ON IT. Fortunately, the seller was my neighbor! After a quick run down the street, the dresser was mine and it was ready to be transformed. The Makeover First, I took off the old the hardware and took out […]

Fabric-Wrapped Fall Wreath

Fabric and ribbon-wrapped wreaths are my favorite to make. Not just because they’re pretty and inexpensive, but because they’re so easy to make and can be as simple or elaborate as you want. The concept is simple–get a styrofoam wreath form, find a fun seasonal fabric or ribbon, wrap and glue as you go, then […]

{Crock Pot} Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

I started making Cream Cheese Chicken Chili about the same time I started blogging (nearly 8 years ago…holy cow) and could not get enough of it. Not only did my family think it was delicious but so did thousands of readers. And it’s easy to see why–it’s quick, it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s delicious. […]