Classic Gooey Butter Cake

Ohmigosh. Gooey Butter Cake. You would think a recipe this easy would be ok, but not awesome. Wrong.

The bottom of the cake is dense like a brownie, and the topping with the cream cheese and powdered sugar just melts in your mouth. It looks so plain, but is anything but. This is a great recipe for beginners too, and it’s always a favorite dessert.

Here’s what you need:


1 box yellow cake mix

1 stick of butter, melted

3 eggs

1 (8 oz) brick of cream cheese, softened

1 lb box of powdered sugar


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. In a mixing bowl, blend together yellow cake mix, one egg, and one stick of butter. Blend until all ingredients are mixed.

3. In a lightly greased 9X13 baking dish or cake pan, press the cake mixture so that it covers the bottom of the pan.

4. In another bowl, blend together cream cheese and two eggs. Add powdered sugar one cup at a time until it’s completely blended. Pour over the cake mixture, making sure that it is completely covered.

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, until edges begin to brown slightly.

6. Let cool for 10-15 minutes before eating.

Try not to eat the entire pan! For more great recipes, check out the Recipe Box page!

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