DIY Valentine Picture Frame


There are so many fun ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I always like to try to find ways to make decorations that can be revamped for other holidays. The great thing about this Valentine picture frame is that I’m also going to use it for St. Patrick’s Day! Let me show you how it works:


12×12 unpainted square wood panel

Valentine’s Day gift bag

Clear spray adhesive (Gorilla Glue or Elmer’s)

Black craft paint

4×6 picture frame

Command Velcro strips

Exacto knife


  1. Using scissors, cut one side of the gift bag out. Then use the Exacto knife to cut it to fit into the wood panel. Put aside.
  2. Paint the trim of the wooden picture frame with black paint.
  3. Spray the inside of the frame with clear adhesive, and place the paper inside, smoothing out any air pockets and bubbles before the glue dries (it only take about a minute or so to dry).
  4. Place the picture of your choice into the small picture frame. Then attach command strips to the back of the picture frame, as well as the wooden frame. Press firmly to attach.

(Using command strips instead of glue to attach the frame allows you to switch out picture frames, use that picture frame in another way, or change out the decor completely.)

The result:


A pretty and festive Valentine frame!

Thank you to everyone who watched the tutorial on Thursday Night Live. I make a new seasonal craft every Thursday night at 8 pm Central on the Katie Drane Blog Facebook page. To catch the replay, click here.


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