Woodcut Craft Tag Ornaments

woodcut craft tag ornaments

These little wood cutouts in the craft section at Walmart may seem pretty plain at first sight, but they provide the perfect canvas for all sorts of fun creations. I saw them and instantly thought of all of the Christmas ornaments I could make out of them.

woodcut craft tag

Do you have a box of little keepsakes? Movie tickets, game tickets, notes, photo booth pictures, letters, etc…? Those are PERFECT for these gift tag wood cutouts. Instead of storing them in a box, never to be seen again, turn them into an ornament using just a few supplies. Here’s what you need:


Gift tag wood cutout

Craft paint and paint brushes

Hot glue, hot glue gun

Pre-made mini bows (in Christmas or craft section)

Baker’s twine or thin ribbon (craft section)

Matte Mod Podge

Tickets, pics, any little keepsake



  1. Choose the keepsake or photo you want to put on your ornament and trim it to size.

2. Paint the craft tag and let the paint dry. Attach the keepsake with Mod Podge and then coat the entire ornament with Mod Podge and let dry.

3. Attach bows and other embellishments to the tag with hot glue. Attach the string and tie a bow at the top.

That’s all! There are so many adorable options with plain craft tags. What would you make into an ornament? For more Christmas ideas, click here!

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