Indoor-Outdoor Halloween Garland

DIY Indoor-Outdoor Halloween Garland

Did you catch Thursday Night LIVE? The craft was super simple and adorable but the best part for me was the topic–The Greatest Generation. My grandparents had been on my heart a lot lately, especially this year. When so many things were uncertain and scary, I found myself wanting to talk to them and listen to their wisdom.

So while I was making this Indoor Outdoor Halloween Garland, I was chatting away about the way they lived, how they influenced me and all of the things they saved and repurposed. My grandma would have made a project like this (and probably did!) I also loved reading the comments and hearing many other great stories about the ways of Great Depression-era grandparents. If you get a chance, check it out and be sure to comment about your grandparents too!

Ready to get back to the craft? Here’s what you need:


3 plastic table cloths in purple, green and orange

1 string of lights



  1. Partially unfold the table cloths to where cutting strips for the garland would be easy, but you would still cut several at a time.
  2. Cut 1/2″ wide by 6″ long strips in every color.

  3. Tie the strips onto a string of lights in a pattern.

That’s it! Just put your Halloween garland on display and plug them in! For more DIY Halloween projects, check out the Fall and Halloween page!

DIY Indoor-Outdoor Halloween Garland

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