Fall Tablecloth Curtains

My new beautiful fall curtains…are tablecloths.
That’s right. Did you know that standard oblong tablecloths are 84” long? That also happens to be the same length as a standard curtain. So if you’re striking out trying to find affordable and beautiful curtains, check out the kitchen section. You’d be surprised how many options are available there!
Since I hang my curtain rods close to the ceiling, I get the 102” length, and just fold over the extra fabric at the top to make them 95”.

How do they fit on curtain rods? If you’re not into sewing, just use some inexpensive curtain clips (I got mine at Walmart), spread them out evenly along the top of the tablecloth, and your new ‘curtains’ are ready to hang!
Using tablecloths as curtains gives you so many more decorating options, especially if you like changing things up for each season or holiday! If you’re shopping for these tablecloths, they came from Kohl’s.
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