What Teachers Really Want for Christmas

what teachers really want for christmas

Last week, I was making my annual Christmas shopping list, and got down to my kids’ teachers. I drew a blank. Then it dawned on me–have I ever asked a teacher what they wanted for Christmas? Nope. Not once. I typically searched Google for “teacher  So I took to Facebook and asked teachers to send me a private message and let me know what they really wanted for Christmas.  I promised to never share their names, as long as they were willing to be brutally honest.

The response was overwhelming. Teachers from around the country responded. The original plan was to make a top 10 list of the most common answers. To my surprise, there wasn’t a top 10 list, there was only a top 6 list. To find out what teachers DO NOT WANT, watch the full FB Live video at the bottom of the post.

So here we go. The top 6!

6. Flair Pens.

This was the only classroom-related item that teachers said they love to get. They use them often and always appreciate getting new ones. Find them on Amazon here.


5. Favorite drink or snack.

Kids know their teachers. When I asked Sophie and Emmie what their teachers favorite drinks were, they could tell me immediately. If your kids don’t know, ask them to spy and find out. (Anything spy-related is ‘game on’ in this house.) Teachers said that they thought it was so thoughtful when a student brought in one of their favorite treats.

4. Handmade keepsakes/handmade ornaments.

Not personalized on a website, and preferably small. Just a little something that your child made for the teacher. Teachers commented that they treasure these little gifts and keep them for years.

Jack made this for me last year in preschool. I love it, and keep it on my dresser. Teachers love the same kind of things.

3. Breakfast.

Bringing a teacher breakfast was mentioned over and over again. They thought it was not only a sweet gesture, but it also started their day off so much better.

2. $5 gift cards.

Not $10, not $25, but simply a $5 gift cards to places like restaurants, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Amazon, or a fast food restaurant nearby so that they can pop in and get a drink or a snack before or after school.


1. Handwritten notes, cards, or thank you letters from the child or the parent.

Every. single. teacher. said that their favorite gifts are always handwritten notes and cards from their students. They said that they keep every single one. Some even said that they keep those notes in their desk and pull them out when their having a bad day.

Were you surprised? I definitely was. For years I thought that just sending a note or card was a total cop out. Turns out, it is the most cherished gift. All of these gift ideas taught me that 1) we overcomplicate giving. 2) assuming that we know what teachers want for Christmas is much more difficult that simply asking them. 3) Teachers are amazing.

To find out what the LEAST wanted gifts are and the most common mistakes that every parent makes, watch the FB Live video below!

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