50 Journal Prompts for January

If mindfulness is one of your goals for the New Year, journaling is a great way to get started. And what better month to start than January? While the cold weather and short days can be depressing , January also provides the perfect opportunity for introspection. Needing some prompts to help you get started? No problem! I’ve created 50 for you. Try one a day, a few each week, or take on all 50, it’s completely up to you. Take a look:


  1. Something that you’re looking forward to

2. A quote that inspires you

3. A mistake that helped you grow

4. A skill you developed in 2020

5. A change you plan to make

6. Something new to try this year

7. Three positive affirmations

8. One lesson you learned today

9. Your biggest victory yesterday

10. Someone who inspires you and why

11. Something that gives you energy

12. Something that takes your energy

13. One thing you need to let go of

14. A habit you would like to kick

15. Two relationships you would like to nurture

16. Your favorite part of the evening

17. Something that made you laugh today

18. Your favorite memory

19. Describe your favorite room in your home

20. A compliment that made you feel good

21. One memory that makes you smile

22. Something beautiful outside

23. A freedom you are grateful for

24. Something positive about your body

25. A problem you have a solution for

26. The item you treasure most

27. A place you would like to visit this year

28. A situation that makes you feel trapped

29. A professional connection you want to make

30. Your favorite thing about weekends

31. Your favorite day of the week and why

32. Describe the place where you grew up

33. A special memory of a grandparent

34. A special memory of a parent

35. Your favorite teacher growing up

36. A need you can meet

37. A great idea

38. When you feel most rested

39. Two words that describe your style

40. Something that scares you

41. An event you hope to attend

42. A project you’ve been putting off

43. Food you would like to try

44. Your favorite holiday

45. An expression that drives you crazy

46. What you love most about a hobby

47. A fitness or health goal

48. A need you struggle to communicate

49. Someone who needs less of your attention

50. Three people you are thankful for


Happy journaling!