Farmhouse Tiered Tray Fall Decor


Do you have a bunch of little fall decorations that sit around your house? Small fall decor is cute and cheap, but don’t make an impact in our homes by themselves. We sit them on tables here and there, hang them on random bare spots on our walls, or store them because they end up not serving any purpose. I get it, I’ve done it.

But there’s a way to display all those cute little fall finds without cluttering up your house. It’s called a vignette, which is a grouping of small objects to create a focal point. Creating a vignette with a farmhouse tiered tray takes some practice, but I’ve created a tutorial for you! Here it is:

If you’d rather just see some pictures, here’s what you need:

A 2-tiered tray (There are lots of different styles available at places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

A bunch of little fall decorations in the colors and styles that you like.


Object Characteristics

Various textures, colors and finishes

Plants or flowers (real or fake, doesn’t matter)

Word art

Something smiley (my preference)

Varying heights (or objects that can create various heights like a miniature cake stand, a little hay bail, etc…

Arranging Decor

This is tricky at first, usually because it’s easy to overthink it. The secret is to break it down into measurable parts. Start with one tray. Take 4 or 5 items and arrange those. Don’t like it? Substitute out one decoration at a time. Add something. Take something away. When your mind seems settled by what you see, that usually means you’ve found the decor sweet spot. Move on to the next tier. Do the same thing. Step back, see how the tiered tray looks as a whole. Take a pic.

Are there too many of the same shapes, colors, or sizes on one side? Rearrange one or two things. Step back. Take a pic. Sometimes looking at pictures gives you a different perspective, allowing you to pick out what is off more easily than if you were staring at it.

You will know when your vignette is “right” because you will feel settled and comfortable when you look at it. Don’t try to make it “perfect” or Pinworthy. Instead, aim for a vignette that feels like you; that displays the things you like in the way you like to see it. And if that doesn’t work, look at pictures of the farmhouse tray fall decor you like and duplicate it!


Farmhouse tiered tray fall decor will go great in nearly every room in your home. Give it a shot and let me know how it works out! For more Seasonal Decor ideas, check out the Seasonal & Holiday page!

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