{Happy Hacks Monday} Cheap and Easy Leather Cleaner

Happy Hacks Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, especially to all of you moms out there. Mine was super relaxing and restful so I’m a happy girl.

One of the things I’m looking forward to sharing with you on Modern Home Ec is a new hack every Monday that will make your life a little easier. Today, I’m sharing one of my favorites–how to clean leather easily and on the CHEAP!


If you have a leather couch, leather purse, bonded leather furniture, vinyl storage bags or baby gear, you are going to want this cleaner. It’s a foam leather and vinyl cleaner that has a fresh orange smell to it and the best part?



It is only $1. 

You heard me! This leather cleaner is sold at Dollar Tree and you can find it in the automotive/hardware section.




All you do is shake the can, spray the foam on a rag, and wipe the mess away. It cleans, it conditions and it smells great. How’s that for easy?



Maintenance is one of the most cost-saving habits you can develop. The better you take care of what you have, no matter the quality, the better it will look and the longer it will last. Find more great tips on the Happy Hacks Monday

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