Crock Pot Ginger Peach Chicken for One

Cooking for one or two?  Just because you’re not feeding a family of 6 like me doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hearty Crock Pot meal without having to dump out tons of leftovers. That’s why I have started adjusting a bunch of my recipes that typically feed a family, to work for singles and couples. For […]

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Crock Pot Ginger Peach Chicken

There’s no bigger let down than finding a delicious-sounding recipe, only to find that the ingredient list looks like a CVS receipt. Dig a little deeper, and half of the ingredients don’t even exist in the Walmarts and Dollar Generals of small towns. Recipe hunting can be such a challenge for those of us living […]

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A Lesson from Norwegians About Cozy

Koselig (pronounced koosh-lee) is a word that doesn’t translate easily into English. It’s a Norwegian concept that means cozy but also includes social interaction during the cold and dark winter months. Ingrid Opstad of That Scandanavian Feeling, describes koselig like this: “Koselig is a concept which is deeply rooted in our Norwegian culture. I would describe it […]