Cheesy Hamburger and {Southern} Hashbrown Casserole

If you’re in a cooking rut, searching for a new recipe that is EASY to make and has ingredients that you can find anywhere, Cheesy Hamburger and Hashbrown Casserole is what you need. This savory and hearty casserole freezes well and also makes great leftovers. Here’s what you need: Ingredients 1 lb. ground beef, browned […]

{Katie’s} Crock Pot Louisville Chili

Did you know that Cincinnati isn’t the only place known for putting spaghetti in their chili? Louisvillians add spaghetti to theirs too! A couple of differences though–we don’t put cinnamon in our chili like what you would see from Skyline Chili, and we mix our noodles in with the chili. For a little extra heat, […]